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 Jennifer Caputo-Armstrong started her stunt career in 1993 after graduating from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management.


After competing in the 1992 Olympic Trials for gymnastics, Jennifer's brother, Jay Caputo,

decided to move to LA to get into stunts and Jennifer followed this path.  Armed with a few

years experience in gymnastics, tennis, swimming, diving and track & field, she entered the

world of stunts.  Jennifer started riding motorcycles in 1994, her love of motorcycles leading

her to a 6 year racing career in the Women’s Pro Motocross League, a perfect skill as well

for the stunt business.


Over the past 25 years Jennifer has been involved with coordinating, performing and rigging of huge stunts in numerous studio block buster movies such as “The Green Hornet," “Thor," “Season of the Witch,” and “The Amazing Spider-man 1 & 2.  Most recently, on the Bollywood box office smash movie “Bang Bang,” Jennifer was in charge of all of the complex rigging, as well as co-coordinating stunt performers from India, USA, England, France and Iran.  Jennifer’s complex vehicle action in India and Abu Dhabi culminated  in an spectacular high speed pipe ramp crash in the desert of Abu Dhabi. The crash is as violent as any woman has ever intentionally performed.

Jennifer is also the only stuntwoman working in the professional capacity of chief rigger on large, International and studio movies, coordinating stunt performers of many different nationalities and languages. She works regularly in this capacity with Armstrong Action.  Jennifer’s aim has always been to be seen and regarded not only a stunt woman, but as a professional stunt specialist, capable of coordinating, rigging and performing as an equal.

Jennifer is passionate about animal treatment, having rescued dogs from across the United States, Puerto Rico and India.  Some of the rescues were from the sets of major motion pictures that she was working on at the time.  Jennifer always strives to do her best, and continually supports and encourages others, especially young women, to follow their dreams and Live the Life they have Imagined.

Jennifer Caputo-Armstrong for Soy Milk
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